Jay Blumenthal, Abington's Proven Treasurer and Tax Collector


  • Incumbent - 8 years
  • Accountant and auditor - 42 years
  • Maintains current accounting license
  • Sold accounting firm to be full-time Abington Township Treasurer & Tax Collector
  • Member of various accounting & tax collector associations
    • Montgomery County Tax Collectors Association
    • Pennsylvania Tax Collectors Association
    • Pennsylvania State Privilege & Mercantile Tax Collectors Association
    • Pennsylvania Society of Tax & Accounting Professionals
  • Instituted & Chairs Audit & Regulatory Committee of Aria Health System
  • Chaired Audit Committee of Jefferson Health System

Innovative, Effective, & Efficient

  • Exceeded revenue collections
  • Implemented bar-coding system (faster turnover = more earnings for Township)
  • Provided for more accessibility to the Tax Office by:
      Jay Blumenthal for Township Tax Collector Ad
    • adding office staff & office hours at his own cost
    • developing additional methods to pay taxes
    • adding the availability to pay taxes 24/7 via mail slot or online
    • setting up e-mail notifications
  • During hard economic times, voluntarily reduced income as Township Treasurer
  • Community reach out - through town meetings, fairs, newsletters & online
  • Accessible & responsive to community - even on nights & weekends

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*** November 5th *** Vote "Jay Blumenthal"

Risa Ferman, Montgomery County D.A. endorses Jay Blumenthal

"Jay has been extremely successful as Abington Township’s independent, accessible, and dedicated Tax Collector. During his tenure he has provided exemplary service to township residents like me. I support him and I hope that you will vote for Jay Blumenthal for Tax Collector on November 5th."

- Risa Ferman


Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

During these trying times, it is important you stay on top of your finances. Check my links page for helpful information regarding tax liability and make sure you understand your obligations and rights. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me and I will point you in the right direction.

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I am a lifelong committed Democrat...

But Jay keeps me from pulling that lever for the straight Democratic ticket. Jay will always have the vote of this Democrat. He deserves it, and much more. Read More...

Bob Kieffer

We could not be in better hands...

There are many people with fine attributes but the combination of fine qualities possessed by Jay Blumenthal is exceedingly rare. Read More...

Thomas A. Corcoran

A man well respected by his peers...

I have known Jay Blumenthal for more than 15 years, serving on the Board of Trustees of Aria Health. He is considered a gentleman and genuine person, by all that have interacted with him. Read More...

Bob Truitt

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